Addicted to Sets Tennis Podcast

Fashion Talk: Make a difference! Find out 4 ways to think about sustainability and tennis fashion.

Episode Summary

We all know that what we wear says much about who we are -- true even on the tennis court. What you may not know is that what buy and wear for tennis can have an important impact on sustainability. If like me you are a champion for the environment and want to do everything you can to promote sustainability -- listen to this podcast! Rachel Karioki, CEO and Founder of Court Bottoms, joins me to discuss 4 ways to think about sustainability with our tennis apparel. It's an eye-opening discussion!

Episode Notes

Links mentioned in the podcast:

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The True Cost (available on Netflix):
River Blue:
Done Good:
How to Shop for Shi(f)t Guidebook:
Fashion Revolution:
Guppy Friend:

From Rachel:
I didn’t mention it on the podcast, but there’s also a great resource called “Good on You” ( Their website has all kinds of sustainable fashion articles, but more useful to the everyday shopper is the ‘Good on You’ app that allows you to search any brand and get it’s rating based on sustainability standards.